Uniforms and Merchandise

Black and White Forever… 

We wear the traditional black and white… oh and teal!


Jerseys are provided at the beginning of each season and must be handed back at the end of the year.  Our sponsors play an important role in making sure we have complete playing sets and we thanks them for their generosity.  If you require a jersey please speak to your team manager during the playing season.  Jerseys change from year to year including allocated numbers and jersey style.

Socks and shorts must be purchased to wear with the  jersey.  These are available to purchase on designated uniform shop days and will be advertised on the website and social channels.


Thanks to the work of our volunteers we run several supporter gear merchandise rounds throughout the year.  These provide our community the opportunity to purchase hoodies, tracksuits, bags, beanies, hats, polos and more.  Keep and eye out for these events as once the order has been placed we are unable to add to it.