Merchandise has arrived

MERCHANDISE is here (well sort of).

We have received almost all the merchandise. Scarves, softshell jackets, Polos and bags are in transit. Huge thanks to Mark and Sheridan who are committed to delivering to games this weekend.

Here is a schedule of where you may find your hoodies….
* U14s girls orders will be at training tonight.
* Mark will be at Holt Saturday from 9.30 to provide the gear to the mixed teams (reminder team photos).
* U12 Blacks gear to be delivered to Giralang and U12 whites stuff at Aranda.
* On Sunday U12 girls, U16s and Rising Stars will be delivered to Reid.

The message was to “keep an eye out for the stressed-out balding guy, he will have the gear” but honestly give these guys a pat on the back for what they have done. A true symbol of our community in what is National Volunteers week.

Ps A reminder for those wanting a hoodie and haven’t ordered… see post below.