QR Codes and Covid – Magpies Belconnen Ovals

The Check In CBR app is now mandatory for all restricted businesses, venues and activities in the ACT – including sporting activities.

You will now find QR codes at all our local enclosed ovals, district playing fields and neighbourhood ovals, as well as a range of indoor sporting venues across Canberra.

So if you’re playing an organised game of sport, be sure to use the Check In CBR app before play and help keep our community safe!  You can download the app here: www.covid19.act.gov.au/check-in-cbr

QR codes are available for our Holt ovals as part of Magpies being Covid-safe. Each time you attend these locations for training or playing, please scan on the Check in CBR app. The codes are located on the outside of change rooms and will be prominent on game days. We will also conveniently upload them here. All attendees 16 and over (who are there more than 15 minutes) are required to scan. Stay safe and we can continue to play AFL.